Terms and Conditions


Broomling cares about your privacy. When using your personal data we promise:

• We will take proper care of your data and will treat it like our own.

• We will only use your data to deliver and improve the Broomling experience.

• We will not send you spam. Only you decide what and how you hear from us.


We are committed to protecting your privacy and security.


Legal basis for processing your data

Where we process your is the Data Controller while you are the Data Subject. As the Data Controller we rely on the following legal bases to process your data: Performance of a Contract

• The use of your data is necessary to send you new investment opportunity offers.


Legitimate Interests

• We may use your data for our legitimate interests. For example to improve the products and service we offer, to update and adapt our website and to use your data for fraud protection or legal purposes.


How we use your data

We use your personal data to deliver our service to you in different ways. You don’t have to share any of this data with us but if you don’t, you may not be able to use our website or may not receive our best possible service. Your Name and Contact Details, we use this data to:

• Deliver your order. We need to use this data to perform our contract with you.

• Send you messages, by email or SMS about your order. We need to use this data to perform our contract with you.

• Send you information by email, SMS or post about our products, offers, services and promotions.


We do this to keep you informed

• Prevent and detect fraud. We do this to protect both you and Broomling.

• Your Date of Birth,

• We use this data to:Verify you are over 18.

• If and when an e-mail is delivered to you, if it is opened and if any links in the email are clicked, we use this data to:  Analyse, optimise and improve our email campaigns. We do this to provide you with relevant products, services and promotions. We also take personal data and remove anything that connects it to you – this is called “anonymisation”. We then use this alongside other anonymous data in order to undertake analysis and research to improve the products and services we offer. To do this we share this anonymous data with third parties. These third parties will not see any personal data about you at all.


Keeping your data

We will not keep your data for longer than we need it. We do need to keep your data in the following circumstances:

• While your interest in investing through us remains open, or

• As long as it is needed to provide services to you such as returns or refunds, or

• Where it may be required to meet legal obligations, resolve disputes and to detect and prevent fraud.


Sharing your data

    • We will not share or sell any of your personal data to any other party. We may share your personal data with our sister organisations or companies. We will only share this data so that we can better serve you with the range of our services and products or to optimise, improve or personalise the products and services we offer. We also share data that we anonymise, to make sure it does not identify you, with third parties to undertake analysis and research to help us improve the products and services we offer.


Using your data for marketing

    • We will only send you marketing messages by email, SMS or post if you have agreed to receive them. We ask(ed) you for your marketing preferences when you made your first enquiry with us through various events, gatherings, shows, etc. You can stop receiving marketing messages from us at any time. You can do this by clicking the unsubscribe link in any marketing email we send you


Digital Advertising

    • Broomling undertakes various types of online advertising. Some of this advertising may be based on information we have about you and your preference with Broomling. We do this with using a variety of techniques such as tracking pixels, tags, cookies and other identifiers. The actual adverts and the content you see may be based upon data we hold about you. We do this to ensure we are offering you the most appropriate products and services.


Your rights

Broomling take your rights to privacy seriously. You have the right to:

• Know what personal data we hold and how we process that data.


This information is laid out in this notice.

• Request that incorrect data we hold about you is updated.

• Ask us to share with you the personal data that we hold about you.

• Request that we stop processing your data or delete your data in some circumstances.

• Stop us sending you marketing messages.

• To request that we transfer some or all of your data to another service provider.

• o complain to the Information Commissioners Office.


Changes to our Privacy Notice

    We may change our privacy notice from time to time. When we do change this notice we will update this page to reflect the changes. Where we make significant changes to the notice we will inform you via email. You can then review the changes and decide whether or not you wish to continue using Broomling as your guide to successful investments.

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